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    Electric stationary resistance VS Outdoor resistance (also achilles problem question)

    For people who bike normally on the road, when you try biking on a electric stationary, what resistance matches your outdoor conditions?

    Also, I have runner's knee so I had to put the saddle height higher to put less stress on my knees. However, I developed an irritation in my Achilles from pedaling with toes. Should I just keep a lower saddle height and deep angle to help my Achilles? It's a stationary recumbent so I can control the resistance and just keep the resistance at 1.

    What's the best position for the foot? I heard pedaling with heels and avoiding using toes is better for the Achilles. Where should your toes point?

    Thanks for reading!


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    If an electric stationary bike is like those in the gym .... comparing them to a bicycle outside is like comparing apples and oranges. However in general, riding inside is easier than riding outside because you don't have to deal with potholes, weather, and varying terrains.

    If you have achilles tendon problems, lower your saddle ... and keep pedalling with the balls of your feet like usual.

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