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    Any Good Canadian On-line Stores?

    Does anyone know of any good Canadian On-line stores that I can order parts and accessories from? I am always ordering from the U.S. because there are lots of places to comparison shop but I have yet to find anything like this in Canada.

    On the same topic why are parts sooooo much cheaper in the U.S. than in Canada? Even with the exchange rate I am getting parts for 50% less in the U.S. so will likely continue to order from there in the future. I like to order Canadian if the prices are close but when you are saving 50% on items my loyalty disappears. I was looking for a 12-27 DA chain ring and the price in the U.S. was $59.00 (approx $90.00 Canadian) the best price I found in Canada was $189.99. Wow, there was a tough choice to make!


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    For the online Canadian bike stores, check these old threads:

    GOOD online CANADIAN bike stores

    canadian online bike stores?

    As far as why things cost less in the USA? I speculate maybe the tax on importing may have something to do with it. Also, there are some countries that place a tax on goods to pay for their needs, and the taxes vary from country to country. I guess the taxes are just spread out on all kinds of stuff in the USA.


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    0 Thread(s) is awesome. There prices are very competitive with the states when you take into account exchange rates. is overpriced on almost everything. There is also, (for parts and misc) and .

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