So I'm watching the news and this whole "breaking news" about a slew of professional baseball players being "discovered" as P.E.D users, and I just couldn't help myself but to laugh. Sometimes I have an odd sense of humor. I simply could not refrain myself from thinking that this will take some of the American eyes off of pro cycling, or it will simply compound things, but I'm really hoping it shifts some of the attention here in the states. And then it really dawned on me, pro cycling is NOT going to go away, and that makes me happy. Why? Because for decades, "American" pro sports, like football, baseball and basketball have continually had scandals exposed from within their ranks. Everything from illegal betting, to narcotics, to steroids. Yet, team gear sales continue to rise, stadiums are still full, and teams continue to generate millions, if not billions, of dollars from their exploits. So, whether your a Cat 1, a dedicated commuter, or just someone who "just loves bikes", I think we will all continue to be barraged with team gear, new innovations, and cool (and way too expensive) light-weight stuff for a good long time.