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    Shoulder Surgery

    I am scheduled to have surgery to correct problems with a painful AC joint. The problem is caused by arthritis and has been handled with repeated cortisone injections in the past, but apparently it is time to have it fixed. This will occur Thursday. My understanding of the procedure is that they will grind off the end of the clavicle. I had a similar surgery on the other shoulder 10 or 12 years ago, but since I wasn't riding during that period (whitewater kayaking then) I don't know how it will affect my riding during the recovery period. That surgery resulted in a healthy shoulder for the 10 or 12 years since then, so I am optimistic.

    Obviously I will solicit my surgeons advice and follow it, but if any of you have had this surgery I would be interested in hearing about how your recovery went, especially with regard to riding.

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    I was a heavy weightlifter for over 29 yrs (56 tons total per workout) and I was kayaking a lot also. My right shoulder started giving me pain so MRI and scoping was done. They determined i had several tears in the shoulder. It was operated on and they found that i had totally destroyed all the cartledge which they removed along with a small bone spur. they also found a bit of arthritis. they camelized the bone and said since it was not a weight bearing joint it would probably not cause me any problems they were right its been fine i still kayak and road bike without any discomfort. I did wait a full six weeks before doing any rehab which lasted for 8 weeks. after rehab i still would get some discomfort but that has since past. I no longer weight lift thought Good luck on your surgery I'm sure it will come out fine glenn in phx

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