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    Path vs Road vs Tri Bike

    I am a runner and wanting to start triathalons. Cost is a concern, as I am not sure I will like tri's. I have had a MTB in the past and know I don't want to use that for the tri's. Any suggestions on what to start with. Do I get a cheap bike and if I like tri's get a tri bike for the races? HELP!!!

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    welcome Terek

    Why not get one bike that does everything? Here's a selection of 700c drop bar bikes with disc brakes suitable for triathlons, racing, training, cyclocross, off-road duties, touring and commuting. The ones with racks and mudguards could be discounted

    cannondale cross xr7 -

    Brodie Ronin '08 -
    Brodie romax '07 -
    brodie ronin '07 -

    lemond poprad disc -

    rocky mountain sherpa -

    orbea diem drop disc -

    focus cross disc -

    devinci caribou2 -

    raleighusa sojourn -

    rei novara element -

    co-motion mazama -

    rocky mountain Solo CXD -

    rotwild rs1cx - (street bikes section)

    fixie inc. pureblood -

    maxx roadmaxx custom (you choose the color and parts at the LBS and the factory puts it together, i.e., not a custom frame) - (road - roadmaxx custom)

    Salsa la Cruz -

    trek portland -

    kona sutra -
    shameless POWERCRANK plug
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    Condor Cycles - quite possibly the best bike shop in London
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    Do a sprint distance race on the MTB with slicks on. This will give you a feel for the races. After that I would take the above posters rec and get a decent bike to do everything. If you get serious then get a tribike. I did it backwards and bought a tri bike, then ended up buying a road bike for just riding and a commuter. I wish I had just bought something like listed above. I was looking at a Bianchi Axis and the dealer talked me out of it. Would have been perfect.
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    My wife is going through this very process. She borrowed my Surly Cross Check (cross bike with road tires and drop bars) last year to do a sprint triathlon. It worked well for her as a newbie into the sport, though the frame was too big for her.

    This winter, I bought her a Trek FX, which is essentially a road bike (skinny tires) with a flat handle bar. She can use it for a triathalon and for trail riding as well. If she sticks with the triathalon, then I could see her buying a good used road bike for $300-500.

    To summarize, I would suggest either finding a used true road bike for $200 that would let you compete for awhile, then if you decide you want to stick with it, you can upgrade to something newer/nicer.

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