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bike questions and recommendations

To start off, I apologize if i ask questions that have been asked and answered so many times before. I'm pretty new to the biking world but am quite excited to jump right in. I can honestly say that I have read so many past threads by people with similar concerns, that I have confused myself even more. And so, as you may have guessed I'm the market for a new bike. Considering my needs, a large portion of which are joy riding and commuting, and then hopefully some touring in the future, i've more or less settled on the idea of getting a cyclocross bike and trying to make it as touring-worthy as possible.

Now the opinions on this seem to vary greatly but once again how uncomfortable will a cc bike really be for, lets say, a decent unsupported tour? I've heard some say to stick to light touring with a cc while others stand by the notion that you can tour on any bike that fits well.

How important are subtle differences in geometry such as chainstay length, and are the problems they cause avoidable? I dont want to substitute maneuverability or speed in my everyday joy riding but if I can't attach a pack without the whole heel clearance issue that wouldn't really be worth my trouble.

What are the benefits of the double chainring in the front for cyclocross riders, and what impact will this have for me? I assume this means no "granny gear" but Im skeptical as to the additional costs of replacing it with the triple chainring set.

Also, I like the idea of the versatile cyclocross tires but i would like to have a set of road tires as well. Is it plausible to switch them back and forth when needed or is it better to get an extra set of wheels too? I don't want to prematurely destroy anything if switching too often is a bad idea.

If there are any other additional distinctions between the tourer and cyclocross bikes please do mention them. I have been looking into the Surly Crosscheck and hearing great things about it. Apart from the questions already stated the downside is the lack of eyelets for the front panniers. I don't know if this is worth turning down a good buy. Is it detrimental or costly to find a different fork and switch it with the crosscheck one, for example the LHT fork?
I understand that i obviously can't have everything I want in one bike, but i think its worth getting as close as possible. If there are also other bikes that come to mind that fit my needs please recommend them, I would really appreciate it, thank you.
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If you are considering unsupported touring, get a touring bike. Yes, you 'can' tour on anything, but obviously it's better to have the right tool for the job. There are touring bikes out there that weigh under 30lbs with rack and fenders (My Fuji World weighs 28) and are nearly as fast and responsive as a road bike (1-2mph difference over my 25 mile commute route).

For loaded touring, yes you want long chainstays, triple crankset, and a good wheelset. Changing tires is a minor thing, but yes, you could always have a spare wheelset as well.

If I had to have only one bike, it would be my touring bike.
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You mention that you are considering unsupported touring, but nothing about Cyclo-Cross racing...

What was the question again?
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Originally Posted by intakt View Post
...If there are also other bikes that come to mind that fit my needs please recommend them, I would really appreciate it, thank you.
any of these

Drop bar, 700c, disc brake, bike suitable for cyclocross, touring, racing, training, commuting, off road duties, etc.

trek portland -

cannondale cross xr7 -

Brodie Ronin '08 -
Brodie romax '07 -
brodie ronin '07 -

lemond poprad disc -

rocky mountain sherpa -

kona sutra -

orbea diem drop disc -

focus cross disc -

devinci caribou2 -

raleighusa sojourn -

rei novara element -

co-motion mazama -

rocky mountain Solo CXD -

rotwild rs1cx - (street bikes section)

fixie inc. pureblood -

maxx roadmaxx custom (you choose the color and parts at the LBS and the factory puts it together, i.e., not a custom frame) - (road - roadmaxx custom)

Salsa la Cruz -
shameless POWERCRANK plug
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Condor Cycles - quite possibly the best bike shop in London
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Originally Posted by Little Darwin View Post
You mention that you are considering unsupported touring, but nothing about Cyclo-Cross racing...

What was the question again?
I don't plan on doing cyclocross races if that's what you're asking, just the bikes seem to appeal to my needs. The question was basically how much I will be giving up in terms of touring by getting a cyclocross bike. Thank you for everybody's input though. I'll look into all those bikes.
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