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    Rust and Touch Up Paint .... ???

    I need to do some touch up painting on my old 18-speed Mongoose Switchback (nearly 17 years old!!!). I'd like to keep the lettering as much original as possible, and just touch up the letters with white, logos with blue, and the frame with red. If possible, I'd like to clean up the bike the best I can, and hopefully protect from further rusting.

    The frame has very little rust at all. Most of the rust is where the screws are. What would be the best cleaner, and sealer, and paint to use?? I would like to use some kind of paint that will protect against scratches and nicks. Thanks.

    -- vja4Him

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    Many times rust will migrate under the paint a long ways. Might be best to get the frame stripped, bead blasted, and repainted. Search BF under "rust".


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