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    One Bike for Touring/Trails/Road Riding?

    The main question is whether i can get away with one bike for all these things. The issue is budget of course, otherwise I would buy several specialty bikes. The idea is to get one frame with perhaps two wheelsets. Things I want to do:

    1) Loaded touring - not round the world, only a few days, weeks or maybe a couple of months max.
    - need very strong wheels, front and rear mounts for both fenders and racks, 2/3 bottle mounts, low gears (is compact with 11-34 possible and enough? or a triple).
    2) Off road riding - dirt trails, not serious mtb stuff.
    - need strong wheels, wide tyres (cyclocross style).
    3) Commuting - I assume I can do this with any bike that satisfies either of the first two.
    4) Road riding - fast group riding and low cat racing.
    - sufficiently light and stiff frame and wheels, high end gears as well.

    It seems the first three can quite easily be combinced with one bike. But what about the fast road riding? The Specialized Tricross is the only bike that I can see, and that is available here in Israel, that seems to come close to doing everything (with two wheelsets I guess). But this raises a couple more questions:

    Ticross Comp/Expert: is there a problem with loaded paniers on carbon seatstays (they do have rack mounts)? Is the E5 alloy frame light and stiff enough for fast road group rides and racing? The cheaper Sport is all A1 Aluminium, inlcuding the seatstays, which I assume is heavier. As for wheels and components, I can make changes with the lbs.

    It looks like the biggest compromise would be with road riding when compared to an aggresive carbon Tarmac, for example. Is the E5 alloy Tricross light and stiff enough for fast group rides and racing? And is the longer wheelbase, chainstays and upright position a serious problem for fast road riding?

    A lot of issues, I know, but I am hoping to hear what everyone thinks. Can one bike do it all? Is the Tricross the closest thing (only major brands available here in Israel)?
    Thanks, dumalam.

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    These are similar to my own old bike - they're very versatile, i.e., do most of what you ask for, and may be available in Isreal. If you're anywhere near either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem aren't there multiple bike shops there? I know I went on one ride with some guys in Jerusalem who had more bicycle bling than a really bling bicycle thing .

    The position on the bike is what you make it (low or high), cyclocross bikes handle like criterium bikes (fast and nimble) and you can use p-clips to mount the rear rack on stays if they don't have eyelets.

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