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    Need help choosing which pedals to go with?

    Just purchased a pair of Carnac road shoes and am undecided as to what pedals and cleats to go with.
    I ride about 75-100 mi/wk and am concerned about the knee problems I hear can develop from insufficent
    float, I don't have any knee/ leg problems now and don't want to spend good money and develop them.
    I'm 5"11 200# 47yo man that really wants to get ready to do a century ride next year. I ride pretty aggressively on a varied terrain, a mix of long hills and long flats.
    Thanks in advance for any constructive input or advice.

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    shameless POWERCRANK plug
    Recommended reading for all cyclists - Cyclecraft - Effective Cycling
    Condor Cycles - quite possibly the best bike shop in London
    Don't run red lights, wear a helmet, use hand signals, get some cycle lights(front and rear) and, FFS, don't run red lights!

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