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    Which water container again?

    I keep seeing that certain water containers are harmful, kills kittens, causes cancer
    makes you vote republican, and watch American idol.

    So which container, large (1 gal and over) and small (for the bike) won't kill me?
    I need larger container for hurricane season.


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    I don't know about big containers, but for bikes just use a regular soft waterbottle, the type that have been used for cycling for twenty years. They are made from LDPE, which does not use bisphenol in its production.
    From the information I have been able to find: The connection is that bisphenol is used in the production of polycarb plastics. These plastics are used to make the hard clear plastic bottles popular with hikers, they are also used to line cans and frozen foods.
    Bisphenol mimics estrogen and this can cause adverse reactions in humans, esp. those still developing.
    A study showed that when a polycarb bottle was heated in the microwave bisphenol could leach into the contents of the bottle.

    Drinking a large amount of water can kill you on the spot, so watch out for that as well.
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