My Trek SU200 has small "saddles" or bosses on the front fork & rear seat stays for the brake/shift cables to lie in, & cables are held there with plastic snap-on "C" or "U" clips. I'm missing one, another is showing a crack, & the closest thing we have to a local bike shop(over 30 miles away, & at least half their stock is Trek!) doesn't have any in the store & offers no hope for getting any. They said companies have gone to using zip ties for that, & showed me a new Trek done that way.

Hmm...Some of these "saddles" on my bike have a slot through the bottom of the cable boss like the new one in the store, so I could use a zip tie on those. Looks kinda kludgy though. But some others on my bike only have indentations, & I'd like to avoid trying to Dremel my way through those.

So far I've found nothing helpful in the "Support" section of the Trek website, & I'm pretty sure they'll tell me to see my local Trek dealer. Been there, done that. Is there any source for these clips? If so, I'd order at least a dozen or two of 'em!