Hello Folks,

I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but I figured since I'm going with a hybrid and didn't see that listed as an option on the forums, I thought this was the best plac to post.

I just purchased a 2006 Gary Fisher Zebrano at a very well-known Chicago cycle shop. I paid $327 for the bike (on sale) and am somewhat happy with the bike, however I do not like how the bike takes bumps. There is no suspension on the fork of the bike, perhaps that is what I need. I'm no cycling guru - yet - but I purchased a mountain bike from Target (for approx. $159) about three years ago and feel like that one rode so much more comfortably than this one...and at that price, I feel like it should ride great, in comparison.

Luckily, the cycle shop has a 7-day return policy, where I can bring the bike back with the receipt for a full refund.

My question is - should I go with the Gary Fisher Zebrano S (comes with the suspension fork) OR should I just go with the '08 TREK 7100? I was told by the salesman that the GF has better parts (derailer and shifters) so I'm just curious what you all think.

I appreciate your help in advance!!!