I saw this on Fox news a few days ago and thought I'd pass the link on to others.

There's a company that will buy your old cell phones from you. They will even send you a box and pay to have your phones shipped to them. When they get the phones, they send it to a factory that will refurbish them and sell them to Third World countries. If you'd rather not sell it, you can always donate them- they have a section on their website for donating to United Way and stuff like that.

Anyway, the website is: http://www.cellforcash.com/main/index.asp

I'm going to send all my old cell phones there- I may not make a fortune and be the next Donald Trump, but I at least will get SOMETHING for my phones rather than just throwing them away... especially because you can't take your cell phones to your new carrier, even though you can take your number!

Have fun with the site, and if I see other stuff like this, I'll post them, and if others see stuff like this, they should also post!