Today I went out for a nice 30 mile ride, it started out gray and about 35F with almost no wind. I felt unusually strong and flattened some hills. After about 15 miles it started to snow, not the nice fluffy flakes but the type that stings and feels more like fine hail. Since this was my first ride in the snow this year I got over my annual fear of slippery surfaces and quickly learned to trust my tires. As I accumulated miles the snow thickened but got softer and the water was pouring off me like I was in a Gatoraid commercial. I felt like a Tidal Wave going down the street the way water snow and grit were flying off my tires. I almost got hit, I yelled, I got honked at by two cars in a row and then my shoes froze and snow started to accumulate on the road. I always forget how stunningly quiet it is riding in the snow. Then I had my first flat in 1200 miles, but I was 1/2 a block from home so it was no sweat. There is something about getting off your bike and realizing you are covered in ice that makes you feel real tough, anyway, great ride very diverse, and can we petition Sorel to make spd compatable boots?