If you're looking for a set of rollers, I HIGHLY advise against getting these. The frame is held together by a plastic hinge that falls out at the slightest pull. Also, the bearings on the roller drums are total crap.... the grease flies out of the bearings, and one of the roller drums has a noticeable "sticking" spot once per revolution. In fact, it can't even complete a single revolution on its own without sticking. The other makes this horrible and LOUD wobbling sound, which is all but unbearable once you get up to 20mph. I mean, of course these aren't Kreitler's, but you'd expect the bearings to be at least SOMEWHAT smooth.

I've only had this unit since June... and I've prolly only put 200 miles or so on it. I'm sorely disappointed. I'm gonna try to return it for some store credit... maybe I'll get a regular trainer instead.

They actually don't sell the Technique Pro anymore, but I'm guessing the Technique and the Velodrome parabolic rollers spin on similar bearings... so I'd advise against those too.