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    Great deals on GoreTex, Coolmax but expire Sunday, 12/14

    Sierra Tradingpost has some excellent prices on a couple of items:

    Frank Shorter GoreTex jacket $39.95! Apparently a lightweight shell, but I have NEVER seen anything GoreTex this inexpensive. I prefer light jackets I can layer anyway.

    Duofold CoolMax turtlenecks $6.95. Seem perfect for layering under the above jacket! However, when you go to the website the price is $8.95 The email I got has the $6.95 price, and a phone call to STP confirmed it. Apparently there is a little glitch. The customer service rep said to put a note in the order instructions. They may have this fixed by the time you see this.

    There are also some Northwave cycling shoes a good prices, and kids' fleece scarves for $2.97. I ordered one for myself. The only difference is that they are 2" shorter than the "adult". Big whoop.

    Here is a link to the list of items. Hope ya'll can use some of it.


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    Try this coupon code when you do the order: WSC2H for your order. I got an email from Sierra saying that stuff would be up to 82% off. I'm actually off to get that gore tex right now!


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    Hmmm.. Well, I got the gore tex jacket, the coolmax shirt, and a pair of glasses with like 4 interchangeable lenses. With the 4 day shipping, it came out to about $92 and some change. Seems like a good deal to me.


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