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    want to replace tires and tubes myself.

    I have a GT outpost bike and I want to put both new tires and tubes on it. I usually just head to the bike shop and let them do it, but this time I think id like to do it myself.

    I went to the sites suggested BikeTiresDirect, and was looking around, and I am kinda confused by all the options.

    I know my current tires are 26" by 1.96" and made by Maxxis. So if possible, could you suggest what type of tires and tubes I should I look for?

    Im a bigger guy, so I need to inflate them a lot. I do a very good mix of road and mountain biking.

    As for tubes, Im big and need something that is really strong and wont pop. The Slime tubes look interesting how are they.

    Thanks all.

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    Changing tubes and tires isn't that hard. The slime tubes are a great idea that can often wind up with nasty execution, though. It's a real pain cleaning off the slime if you have a catastrophic blow and it gets on the bike frame. Better to carry a spare tube and a patch kit.

    Tubes: A tube is a tube is a tube. It's the tire casing that yu want max quality with, as it supports the tube.

    Tires: Depends on the purpose. In 26", you can run anything from a High Pressure 1.5" slick for fast pavement riding to a 2+ inch aggressive knobbie for offroading it, all on the same wheelset. Get the best tire you can afford.

    Pump: Topeak makes a great frame pump, the Road Morph. There are other options as well. Don't skimp on your pump. This isn't to say that you don't look for a deal, but the $3.99 "Bargain" closeout pump probably won't last you. (Using this as a metaphor for a really cheap and cruddy pump. )

    Canned air and CO2 tend to leak and are often empty when you need them. Better to have a pump. Also, invest in a good multitool and tire levers.

    Following are a group of useful links:
    About Tires ansd tubes:

    How to change a tire:

    Flat repair video
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    It's pretty easy... the sheldonbrown site was how I learned to do it... it's just popping the tire off, removing the inner tube, put in a different inner tube, cap on a different tire, and inflate.

    Btw... the tires are actually quite hard to pop on your first time... don't worry too much about breaking it.. they're stiff.

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