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Do your tires drive the dogs crazy?

I've been riding in and around my neighborhood for years with a couple of bikes, one a road bike, the other a hybrid. Both have pretty smooth tire surfaces. But, I recently bought a Bianchi Axis which is a cross type bike. The tires are a little... I mean a little knobbyish. There is a definite difference in sound as I roll across the pavement. The very first time I took my new found joy out for a spin to try the hills I live near, and they are steep hills let me tell ya, I start out of my driveway onto the street. The street starts a gradual decline and then just dumps onto another street. I am rolling pretty good downhill when this Australian sheep dog, which has never ever bothered me before, comes racing towards me full steam snarling and barking with great anger. I thought my right leg was going to get knawed on. All I could do was kick it into the next gear, stand up and pump like there was no tomorrow. Man, this dog by passed my leg and went right for my rear tire. He was trying his best to bite the darned tire! I had no choice but to keep accelerating and I left him as I turned onto the next street going into a gradual uphill climb which turns into one heck of a climb. Looking back at the dog as he stood at the curb looking at me with the look of 'Go ahead! Come back around 'cause I got something for ya.', I decided I'd better go the long way around. What a work out! Well, it dawned on me why dogs chase after some folks and not others. Just yesterday I had a little long haired rat type looking dog (Papellion ?) come flying out of the house to get at me. Again, left it yippin' and yelpin' at me. Yes, it gave me that same look. Geesh! I guess I'll have to get me one of those high pitched sound generating devices to ward off viscious dogs. I sure ain't gonna change my tires.
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maybe you are in heat?
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re:tire noise

I have a pair of Vittoria Zaffiro tires on my Jamis that whine out the tune "Come On Little Dogie."
The problem seems to be worse when the road surface is damp. I had so many dogs chasing me last
week that people though I was bringing extras to an Alpho commercial.
It sounds like you're a safety-conscience rider, but outpeddaling the offending curr may not always work--
headwind, etc. It's always a good idea to carry pepper spray and zap the mutt square in the muzzle.
I can all but guarantee you the dog won't bother you again, and you may save a less-experienced rider
from getting dog bit, or worst yet, being distracted hit by a car.
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Old 05-31-08, 08:50 PM   #4
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Me? In heat? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah
Pepper spray.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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This is a timely thread for me as just the other night I was chased by at least 15 maybe 20 dogs, far more than usual. I have been thinking of pepper spray for a while. Does it stop them in their tracks, or does it in some cases, make them even more angry? Is a direct hit so to speak, required, or will a stream of pepper spray work if it's fairly close the them?
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Old 06-01-08, 10:00 AM   #6
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Never seen that on a bike, but my dog goes all Cujo for skateboards.
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Old 06-01-08, 11:45 AM   #7
ride lots be safe
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search for one of the 8 million dog-avoidance threads.

my favorites are either a raised arm and a shout "no!" and/or a swift kick to the jaw for the more aggressive ones.

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