A local ISP here in Houston (EV1.NET) is involved in a charity program in Houston that aims to deliver 8,000 bicycles to needy kids in the area. The problem is, they need help assembling all those bikes! Here's the message from the CEO -- please consider lending a hand if you have the chance.

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From: "Headsurfer" <headsurfer@ev1.net
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 19:52:32 -0600

Greetings from the Head Surfer!

As many of you may know, EV1 is an active member in the Houston community. In fact, I sit as a member on the boards of several local charities including Houston Childrens Charity. This year, HCC has taken the Elves and More program under its wings. This program will deliver 10,000 gifts, including 8,000 bicycles to some of the most poverty-stricken children in our city and surrounding areas on Christmas Eve.

This is not a plea for money as we have worked with several other Houston businesses and philanthropists to make this project a reality. However, we urgently need assistance assembling the bicycles. As of this morning, we have assembled only about 1,800 with about 6,200 to go. Volunteers will be working each evening and on Saturday to help complete this monumental project.

However, we desperately need additional volunteers to help with this assembly. In particular, we are asking EV1 customers to help us with this project on Thursday evening from 5pm to 10pm as well as from 8am Saturday to 5pm Saturday.

You might think that you need mechanical skills to assemble these bicycles, however, almost anyone can do it. Even kids 9 years old and up. Tools and refreshments are provided. Instruction is provided. All we need is YOU.

PLEASE help us make this a reality for 10,000 of the neediest children in Houston.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are holding a bike assembly competition featuring teams of four from just about every department here at EV1 and a few select vendors. We would invite our customers to participate by forming their own 4 person teams to compete in this special contest on Thursday at 2 PM SHARP. Only teams may compete from 2 to 5, but everyone is welcome after 5pm. If you have a team of four, and would like to participate, please email the Headsurfer at his personal email address :

<mailto:ram5@ev1.net&subject=Elves and More Bike Construction Team>

More Information:

www.ev1.net and follow the link in the upper right hand corner
Maps, directions, pictures, etc are at the link provided

Thanks in advance for your generosity and assistance in this exceedingly worthwhile effort.

Happy Holidays,

Robert Marsh