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    wheel wobble while braking at high speed after putting on cyclometer magnet

    I am trying to figure out why my wheel has started to wobble at about 15 mph or higher and braking using the front wheel. I recently put on a wheel magnet that i tightened as much as I could and put as high as the sensor would allow me to put it, but my wheel is still wobbling, well, not the wheel, but the spokes I think. I can't really tell because of the speed, but something is wobbling. Is a magnet enough to throw the spokes out of whack? Should I find some way to make the magnet even tighter? Has anyone else had these types of problems?
    :edit: forgot to mention the bike is less than 2 months old, so I don't think the wheels need truing, but I guess I'm not sure about that.

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    Take the magnet back off and see if the wobble is still there.

    I wouldn't expect it to have any effect at all.
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    Is it directly across from the stem?

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