Hi all,

I've got a bike and a frame that I need to sell, but I'm not too sure on how much they're worth. Apologies if this is the wrong forum!

The bike is a Saracen Hy-Flyer, it's a hybrid with 700c wheels, RST front suspension and an aluminium frame. I'd say the frame size is reasonably large, probably suited to someone 5'6 and up. New these were going for 400 but that was a few years back, and this one is in reasonably condition, few bits of surface rust on forks, but other than that it's not bad.

The frame is a Saracen Creed, small, light dirt/jump frame the same as this one:

I was intending to build it into a single speed mountain bike but I'm never actually going to get round to it! I've not managed to find any idea of how much these frames are worth, but it's got singlespeed (horizontal) dropouts and is in good condition.

Any clues as to how much I'd get for these??