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Thread: New to biking
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    New to biking

    I have been running for about 13 years and looking to start biking (body is getting old). I want to get a road bike and looking at a couple inthe $800.00 range (Trek, Giant..).

    15 years ago mongoose was a pretty good name, today I see its a lower priced bike. I was looking at one that is about $650.00 (Morzine), how is this for a road bike? Is it worth buying?

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    the big thing is fit. Gotta have it. The next most important issue is comfort. Try a few bikes. I would also look at Bianchi, Speicalized,and Trek. There are many good brands. A lot of bikes are aluminum and come out of just a couple factories regardless of the name. At this price range they tend to ride a little harsh. I like steel better. I haven't ridden the new Bianchi Volpe, but it looks nice.

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