im a cashier at a store called fleetfarm. its kinda like a sporting goods/hardware/farm supply/everything store. the employees are extremely helpful providing substandard customer service is grounds for termination. its a pretty good company, midwest based, good benefits, very low prices like nearly wholesale, decent wages, good corporate buisness practices etc... basically its a big store thats the opposite of walmart.

anyway im only lowly cashier and i got stuck in sporting goods once in a while. i asked the department head about the bikes and said i could assemble them if need be. he said i couldnt, they have a company that they pay once a month or whatever to professionally assemble bikes. they do this for liability and so thier bikes dont fall apart. i decided to closely inspect the bikes on the racks and to my surprise they were all assembled correctly like they were put together at a bike shop. i couldn't find anything wrong with any of them. i've walked into kmart before and ended up laughing at upside down brake handles, and all kinds of ass backwards stuff.

they actually sell a few good bikes (300 bucks) stuff with higher end shimano components (well low end for an lbs, high end for a department store) and RST forks. they have chainless (shaft driven) commuters with nexus hubs, racks, tektero brakes, rear racks, and look pretty solid. the cruisers look pretty decent too, but i guess its kinda hard to f*** something up that has coaster brakes.

then again there are alot of pretty craptastic bikes. i laughed when i saw a bunch of dual suspension bikes that said tony hawk on them.