i posted a thread a while ago about the RIDE RIGHT safety program. it was created by RAGBRAI. i'm the new rep. for my area.

so far i've provided materials for 5 of the retailers in my area to distribute to their customers when they purchase a bike.

and i've provided materials at the welcome centers & rest stops closest to sioux city.

next i'm going to provide the materials for all of the school kids. we have 14,000 in publice schools. don't know how many in private schools yet, but i'll find out eventually.

my contact at the school admin. building is going to provide me with a list of howmany students are in each grade. from there i'll request the appropriate amount of materials that is to go to each grade and each school for the teachers to hand out to the students. this is for all grade levels. K through 12.

the materials include proper helmet usage, how to ride safely and what not to do. there is even a safety guide that covers bicycles & big trucks. but that can include any motorized traffic. so the materials also educate motorists as well.