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    meeting with clear channel communications general manager

    had meeting earlier tonight with CCC's GM to dicuss how they can help promote the tri state trails tour bike ride coming up in may.

    they are going to promote it @ no cost to the siouxland trails foundation making them an in kind sponsor.

    they will provide details of the ride starting march 1st & ending April 24th on all 5 clear channel stations. plus provide a link for the PDF format of the registration form and maybe even a web page with info. about the ride.

    the foundation is getting about $10,000 worth of "advertising promotions" @ no cost to us.

    the reason they are doing this is they believe in making this area a better community, and they like to strive for & work to do that. for them this is a community service that they happily provide for most if not all non-profit organizations like the trails foundation that host events such as our bike ride.

    the only thing they ask for in return, besides our thanks, is recognition. on the day of the ride one of the 5 stations will be broadcasting from the start/finish location with their banner stating who they are. their logo will also be on the back of the ride t-shirt.

    the reason i contacted them to ask how can they help us promote the ride as a commercial company is because of what happened in cleveland. i wanted to make it clear that in this area clear channel and their employees does not believe the same way about cyclists that is felt in other communities like cleveland.

    clear channel is the only for profit, commercial radio company i called. and we have 3 in the greater siouxland area. CCC is the largest. they have about 60 to 70% of the 103,000 people in this area listening to one or their 5 stations.

    not a bad idea or a bad move on my part huh?

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    It's a great way to promote the ride, granted. However, in view of previous events, I remain a little cynical of Clear Channel's motives. I think I'll reserve judgement on this one until I know exactly what they say.
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