Hello everyone, I haven't introduced myself in the intro forum, I mainly subscribed because I have a question about purchasing a bike.

I haven't even touched a bicycle in over a decade. I'm 23, very energetic, and want to start biking for leisure as well as city commuting. After reading many posts throughout this post I decided going local was probably the best choice, if not for supporting the people who will most likely be helping me repair/upgrade, but also so I know what I'm buying when I buy it. The trick is I'm not that privy to what to look for in a bike. I've decided on a hybred, I know that. I've done some window shopping at local shops and was made an offer of a new Westwood 700c for $300 even. I was hoping to pay something around $250, but I can afford this and if it's a decent enough deal I'll jump at it. I've tried to look up reviews for the bike to see what people think but found nothing. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think of the bike or could direct me to a site with reviews for it.