Same subject as another thread but on a different note.
This is an email that was sent out to alot of riders who knew Mark. I recieved it from a friend who knew him.

"I just returned from Mark Reynold's service this morning (Mark was killed by a mountain lion last week), it was well done and inspirational. They read a letter from Lance Armstrong. A lot of people were there including Greg (leMond?). Lance's letter referenced a quote by Mark about giving bikes to kids, Mark had said "maybe one of these kids will be the next Lance", Lance"s letter said "forget that, maybe one of these kids will be the next Mark Reynolds", it was really cool. 3 of Mark's friends rode their bikes on the funeral procession, one rode Mark's very first Mountain bike, but he struggled to keep up with the 2 road bikes and fell off the back (route was 15 mile! s, hilly and very windy). Greg (LeMond?) got out of his car and rode the mountain bike the rest of the way in his suit and dress shoes, caught up and passed the first road bike and finished with the procession - way cool!"

If any one is interested below is a little bit about mark and where donations can be sent.

Reynolds, an avid cyclist, would often hit up fellow cyclists for a couple
bucks here and there in order to help young people - who's families couldn't
afford a bicycle - obtain a bike. He would work with the local churches to
find the children in need, and deliver the bikes himself. Reynolds' mom and
dad would like to continue this tradition that their son started and ask
that in lieu of sending flowers that donations be made to the Mark J.
Reynolds Memorial "Children's First Bike Fund."

Please make checks payable to Mark J. Reynolds Memorial "Children's First
Bike Fund"

Address: OMS Sports
Attn: Mark J. Reynolds Memorial "Children's First Bike Fund"
2300 E. Katella Ave., Ste. 430
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 935-0790