An email I received today:

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Dear Worksman Cycles Customer,

Please read this brief e-mail and your participation can really help friends of ours.

There is no catch, there is not any financial obligation. We simply are asking our friends to vote on an internet website to support the efforts of "BIKES THAT HEAL".

This wonderful organization offers free bike rides to people in their community and asks for donations that they then turn over to their charity. They are in a contest to get a grant which they need to support their efforts and this grant will be determined by an internet vote.

So please visit the following website and give them a vote so they can help the American Leukemia Society and continue their efforts.

Give Bikes that Heal a vote for the special grant they are offering. If they are successful, you can feel good about helping the cuase with your vote.

Thanks for your participation and thanks for supporting .

The Worksman Cycles Customer Support Team
The Bikes That Heal homepage
The folks who are giving the grant, and it looks collecting email addresses.