I think I have finally found my bicycle. I am replacing a Giant Cypress hybrid that was injured when the bike rack fell off the car. I thought about repairing but it will be about $280 to replace the two wheels (disc brakes). I loved riding my cypress but am interested in doing more distance riding/charity rides of 30 or so miles along with trips to the store/library. After reading on this web site I know many reccomend a drop bar road bike. I tested some and I don't think I can adjust to the drop bars at this point. So I am thinking a flat bar hybrid/road bike might be my best bet. Pickings are slim in my lbs but I was able to ride a FCR1 today and really liked it. It's more than I wanted to spend but my birthday is coming up so I think I can splurge a little. The one thing I am questioning is the differences between the fcr1 and 2. My shop will not have an fcr2 until the new models come in so I was not able to ride one. Besides a $150 difference the fcr1 has a 3 wheelset vs.4wheelset , wide range 34/50 shimano compact crankset vs. truvativ tour triple crankset for cranking up steepest hills. I don't really know what these mean. The fcr1 had fewer gears than the 2 would. I live in a somewhat hilly area and struggle a little with hills. Would the fcr2 be better on hills? Would I miss having the extra gears? Also, the tires are different. The fcr1 has 700/26 tires and the 2 has 700/28. Does that make the 2 able to ride on rougher roads/bike paths? I am thinking the fcr 2 might better meet my needs -better on hills, more flexibility on what I ride on with still giving me distance capability. I hate having to wait another month or two before I get a bike but I want to get what is best for me in the long run. Is my reasoning sound or am I way off? Thanks!