I was bored this afternoon, so i took my mountain bike up to the shopping center next to my house. i was just riding around the parking lot hoping curbs and going down little dirt hills having fun. well when i was on my way home i attempted to do a bunnyhop off a curb in front of a bus stop and i guess my back tire caught the curb as i was going up and sent my hurling towards the concrete and with a tumble and roll i ended up lucky with just some road rash on my leg, elbow, shoulder and head (didn't have a helmet on. i know, stupid). the nice thing about it was there were two rastafarian guys waiting for a bus there who i entertained with some acrobatics. not only did they ask if i was ok, but one guy picked my bike up and handed it to me and said "god bless". It's great to see that there are still some good people out there. I guess jah was looking out for me today.