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    Opinions requested on a Klein Reve V Road Bike

    Hey Guys,

    I am looking at getting a new road bike.
    I wanted to get some input or recommendations.

    I currently ride a 24 year old 27 Schwinn Traveler. I ride about 35 miles / week, in a more upright position, no racing.
    I was first looking at a Trek Pilot, but the sales people told me have been discontinued.

    I test rode a Klein Reve V, and loved the ride, and comfort. It is a 58cm, and I have a 33 inseam, so it seems to fit.

    The bike is a 2005 Klein Reve V, original price $1686 in 2005, on clearance for $1299.

    Is that a good price on a 4 year old Klein, and is there any disadvantage of buying and older (Unused) bike.

    All input appreciated


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    Klein is a quality bicycle, as long as it is in good shape, you can't go wrong.
    There will be routine wear and tear (if you're lucky), so it may be time to replace some components.
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