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    New bike advise for a new rider?

    I've been getting it in my head to start training for next year's local triathlon but I haven't been on a road bike in, well, a long time. Of course, the first advise I've gotten from the LBS is to get a used bike which I attempted to do. Unfortunately, the used market around here has dried up (I'm told until spring), so I've been checking around the LBS's for new. I was set on something with 105 rear and tiagra for the rest, to keep the cost down. Problem is, the shops are all out of bikes in my size and price range and they can't even get 2008s in. Add reports of expected price hikes on the 2009s and I expect to end up paying at least $1100 for just a Tiagra equipped bike. I can get a 2007 CAAD 9 Optimo 1 (almost full Dura Ace) for $1800. Waaay more than I planned to spend and way more than I need but I understand it's a great deal. I can get the ksyrium wheels swapped and save $400 which brings me closer to my original price point.

    Any comments on the CAAD9 besides the fact that I won't be able to appreciate the components? So for $300 to $400 I'd be stepping up from new Tiagra to (soon to be) two year old DA. From the perspective of experienced riders (you) does this sound too good to pass up?

    - ydeeps

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    This does sound like a good deal! You are right you probably won't truly appreciate the components because you do not have anything to compare it to.

    Do you already know what size of bike you need?

    Have you considered looking beyond the LBS? There are other places to get a good deal on a bike.

    Explore your options and look around! You have picked a good component choice to start with. You will be happy with 105 in the back. It gives a more gear choices than the lower end components.

    You will be glad you have at least that when you get into some serious training.

    Good luck with the bike hunt. - Your source for information and products about the grand sport of cycling!

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