I hadn't ridden but 2-3 times between Thanksgiving and the end of January and I was anxious to get out on the bike again, but apprehensive about my loss of conditioning. My main form of exercise had been pruning fruit trees and pruning ALOT of roses for various customers of mine--it's that time of the year.

When I started back riding regularly recently, I went just fine up the hills around here, and my legs seemed to be MUCH stronger, though my endurance has dropped slightly. My speed is still about the same; maybe my rpms have dropped a little. But my leg strength, wow.

When pruning, I squat, bending at the hips, legs apart, so that most of my weight is over my knees, my shoulders and head even with my toes. I rarely go on my knees as they are "bad" and I don't want to stress them with pressure on the caps. My PT had told me that whatever I do, don't let it hurt, and this is the way when pruning that it doesn't hurt for me. I have also been really concentrating on pedaling in a circle and using the backs of my legs when riding.

Was this from all the half squats that I do when pruning the roses? Anyone else experienced something like this?