In a couple of weeks, I will be going with the family to Portugal and Spain for a 2 week vacation. Wife and kids are going for the first week and the second I will be free to do as I please. I am bringing my bike. The plan is to ride 2-3 hours early in the morning at first light (don't want to bring lights and want to enjoy the scenery anyway). Then, I will spend the rest of the day looking around, eating, etc. with the family. Where we are going is very much open as we never make any solid plans when traveling. Heck, we don't even make hotel reservations! The only thing we do know is that we are landing in Lisbon and departing from Barcelona. We will likely rent a car in Lisbon and drop it off in Barcelona so we can travel and sight see from one end to the other during the first week. The second week, I will be going along the coast as far east as Monaco and back to Barcelona for departure.

This is not a tour with pannier and such. I just want to bike while I am there and enjoy the scenery and new terrain I simply don't have in South Florida.

What I do need is some guidance of places where to ride along such areas. I don't want to get there and spend 1-2 hours per day scouting on a car where to ride the next day. Plotted routes in, garmin files, or similar are a major plus. I am not looking for beginner flat areas nor am I looking for 12,000 feet of daily climbing. I am a moderate to good rider with about 200-250 miles per week and a nice bike. I want to enjoy the trip in other words.

Any route or area suggestions would be very much appreciated. Also, any places where to find such info on the web would be equally appreciated. I did a google search and all I am coming up with is paid/organized bike touring companies.