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Mountain bikes, crime, & an LBS on Law and Order.

Just finished watching Law & Order tonight on NBC. The first crime on this episode was about a guy riding a mtn bike past his victim while shoothing him dead. One of the ways Briscoe & Greene tracked him down is the CSI's took cast's of the bike tires. It was determined by the lab that one tire was newer then the other by the forensic's expert.

After some diatribe between Briscoe, Greene and the forensic's guy about cycling, bike shops, etc., Briscoe & Greene went to an LBS called Mike's Bikes.

The guy in the LBS told Brisoce & Greene that the "customer" or alledged suspect in the shooting bought a new tire, I forget the brand name. He also stated that the guy tried to steal some Shimano pedals but was caught in the act by the LBS guy and was told not to come back or he'd have a certain kind of crank shooved up his "you know where".

Aside from the new female D.A. on Law and Order SVU being shown riding a bike to work this is the most I've ever seen a bicycle and an LBS being involved on the show. I thought it was pretty cool. Even though it had to do with a violent crime.
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You must have missed the episode where they were tracking down stolen and fenced high-end bikes. One of the detectives says something like, "custom titanium frame with Record 10 group... that's about a $10,000 bike." I think NBC may have some cyclists on their staff of writers.
1999 K2 OzM 2001 Aegis Aro Svelte
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Another show just recently to portray bikes as part of a crime was CSI.

Two thugs used mtb bikes to gain access to one of those rich closed communities in Las Vegas. They shot up both home homeowners then used the mtb bikes to get away. (more to the story but that's the basics).

The CSI crime lab guys found the ditched bikes, obviously stolen and used for the crime, a little later in the show.

One of the lab techs on the show had an idea to take out the seat post and look up inside. Sure enough they found a piece of paper with the name and address of the original owner.

I was watching this with my wife, and when they found the paper inside the seat tube I cried out "Hey, I do exactly that, I have my name and contact info on a piece of paper stuck up inside the seat tube!"

I just thought it was cool!

One new car commercial I DO like is the Mitsubishi commercial. Instead of showing a car doing donuts in the desert this one is just a car driving down a city street slowing passing a cyclist with plenty of room. The cyclist waves at a kid in the backseat and the kid smiles and waves back........

HA! Ya right! What a twist on reality THAT is! BAW HAW HAW HAW....kid waving......plenty of room.....HO HO HO HA HAW HAW.....stop.....HA HA HA...don' ....laugh....HAW HAW HAW....hurts.......<snicker>
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Thanks digger I forgot about the recent CSI episode & the car commercial. BTW I do the same to ID my bike. But on my recumbent I have to put the info. in the tube the front derailer is attached to.
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