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Thread: S. FL LBSs

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    S. FL LBSs

    Hi All:

    I want to purchase a new road bike in South Florida. I'm not very "cycle smart" and will have to depend a lot on what the dealer tells me about fit etc.

    Can anybody recommend a trustworthy bike shop in the Broward vicinity?

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    I havent had much luck in Broward. Try Mikes in Pompano Beach on US-1 up around Shelton Ferrari on the west side of the road. Theres also a place on Oakland Park Blvd between I-95 and US-1. Downtown Bicycles on US-1 around the underpass seems OK as well. Personaly I'd make the trip to Dade and visit Bells on 163rd St. They will fit it correctly and give a discount on the bike as well as 20% off everything else you buy for the first year.

    Something to keep in mind is that everyone in S. Florida seems to have one type of fit system or another. The best places dont need to use one. They all have prices that vary considerably. I remember hearing one guy asking why the dealer didnt have discount cards. Well, the dealer with the cards prices are higher than the other guys regular prices.

    good luck....
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