Hi all,
Due to a recent crash and insurance replacement, I may shortly find myself with two virtually identical bikes. So I'll likely sell one.

Can anyone offer some advice on a likely price of a repaired, second hand (but very new - less than 6 motnhs old) bike, vs the likely sale price of its individual components? Basically I'm trying to decide if it's worth repairing then selling, or just selling for parts...

Here's what it is:
- 2008 Specialized Tricross Sport frame (some scratches, two LBS's have declared it structurally sound)
- Rear wheel, crankset, chainrings, rear canti brakes all standard and in good condition
- Chain has one broken link apparently
- Front brake is broken
- Brake and gear cables apparently "stretched" but that could just be the LBS inflating the repair price for insurance purposes...
- Front fork snapped in half and apparently difficult to replace
- Front wheel badly bent and apparently not worth repairing - rim actually looks broken (salvage tyre, tube...?)

It seems to me that:
1) If I spend say $150 on a new wheel, but sell that as part of a second hand bike, the wheel will be selling for less than I spent on it...
2) Conversely, a frame as part of a working bike is going to sell for more than just a frame...

All advice gratefully received!