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    Pics of my wifes Raleigh Comfort bike

    Hey guys, I bought this for my wife Christmas before last. Its a Raleigh Comfort Bike. She was thrilled. Probably the best gift I have given her in 10 years of marriage and this one was a complete surprise. I will never forget the look on her face when I rolled it into the house that night. Until I got her this, she was riding a peice of garbage Roadmaster mountain bike from Walmart. (I never realised how sorry these bikes were until I actually rode a good one). Now my wife is sold on quality bikes and would not even think of riding any Walmart trash again.

    Anyway, this Raleigh is great. Every time I climb on it and go for a spin I am blown away by how comfortable and just plain fun it is to ride. The Avenir comfort seat is awesome! I have been tempted to get me one of the mens models, but haven't done it yet. I am in the process of converting my mountain bike to a pseudo comfort bike right now. I am gonna use the same seat, suspension seat post, grips, and tires as are on my wifes Raleigh. If I am not happy with this, I will be buying the mens model and pass the mountain bike to my son.

    Just thought I would share.

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    Looks good.

    I've got a Raleigh Detour Deluxe that I really enjoy.

    If you don't already have a suspension seat post for your conversion I'd save some cash and just get a rigid seat post. Suspension seat posts are garbage, a proper seat will make a much bigger difference in comfort than a seat post with a spring.

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