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    MOMENTUM magazine wants your words and pictures

    Hello Beautiful Bikers!

    We're gearing up for MOMENTUM #37, and we're looking for writers, photographers and illustrators.

    View/download MOMENTUM at [URL=""]

    Please respond ASAP [EMAIL=""] - as our lead time, as usual, is short!

    Please forward this to anyone you know who might be interested.

    Topics for this issue:

    * LOVE

    The loose theme for the next issue is LOVE! We want bike love stories; not the kind about people who love their bikes (we do those all the time), the other kind. What were your juiciest bike-driven romances? Best bike dates? Please send us your thoughts or proposals.

    We're also looking for bike wedding photos, if you have some of those.
    (Please see the note below about digital photo resolution.)

    We have four pages allocated for this, so there's room for several pieces, along with the photos.


    On a related note, we would like to include an article about cultivating compassion amongst road users - cyclists, drivers, pedestrians etc.
    What strategies can we use to engender more care on our roadways? Have you seen or tried something that worked well for you? Which organizations make highway harmony their mandate? We'd like to see an article (including interviews/sources) of around 1000 words on this topic.

    * CITY PROFILE: Boston, Mass.

    Apart from ANT, Bikes Not Bombs, and the late great Sheldon Brown, we don't know nearly enough about biking in Boston.

    We are seeking a writer to tell us all about transportation biking in Boston! We want to know who is creating and living the bike culture, who the advocates are and what they're doing, and what people love and/or hate about riding there.

    And a sidebar or two telling an interested visitor where they should go first to pick up a bike map, where the best places are to ride, and so forth.

    Length: 2-3 pages, or about 1,400 words including space for interesting little sidebars, and lots of pictures. All of this does not have to come from the same writer. See also the note below about future city profiles.


    We're going to review some folders and we wish to supplement this with people's own experience with their own folding bikes. Any or all of:

    What kind is it?
    How much did it cost?
    How many gears? How fast does it go? How much does it weigh?
    How does it feel on hills (both up and down)?
    How fast can you fold it?
    How portable is it?
    Can you stay clean while carrying it?
    Can you take it on transit? On an airplane?

    * In preparation for NAHBS 2009 we're looking fr mini profiles of handmade bike builders. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they build? And why? And a photo or two. We have two pages for this, so three or four profiles will do just fine.

    * Book Review: "Momentum Is Your Friend - The Metal Cowboy and his pint- sized posse take on America" by Joe Kurmaskie (Breakaway Books). Joe attached a trail-a-bike for his seven year-old son, and a trailer behind that for his five year-old son, and set off from Portland to Washington, DC. Yup, two kids and a cross-country ride in the summer. And we didn't get the book just because we thought the title was cute. Length: 400 words.

    * And we're looking for tried and tested recipes for congee.

    REGIONAL CORRESPONDENTS: We want to see and hear about what's going on for bikers in your area!
    If you'd like to provide a brief bi-monthly update for Momentum readers about important transportation cycling-related events in your city or town we are looking to sign up a team of local correspondents. A familiarity with your local cycling scene and advocacy efforts would be a huge asset - as is the ability to supply appropriate photographs.

    * "I was just riding along when..." something happened. Something unexpected, inspiring, perhaps life changing. We're looking for stories on this theme, 400 to 500 words each.

    * How To Carry [something unexpected] On a Bike. We've had some nice responses to this, and we want more. These are fun! Please keep them short and to the point, and photos would be nice if possible. We have one page currently allocated for this.

    * DEADLINE: Nov 26, 2008 - we moved it forward a bit, to give us a bit of a break over Christmas (we need it). You will receive an editorial reminder about 10 days before then.

    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= End Notes =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

    * Future City Profiles

    In future issues, we want to do profiles of:

    Los Angeles
    Washington, DC
    Las Vegas
    Louisville, KY
    Boulder, CO

    If you are interested in any of those, please get in touch (send proposals to so we can get started in advance. And (shamefaced), if you are the writer who already contacted me about Louisville, please do so again. Sorry, I lost it in the email flood.

    * Digital Photo resolution

    The magazine is printed at 300 dpi, which means that 300 pixels in a digital image equals one inch of printed output. Thus, a photo that is
    1024 by 768 pixels will print about the same size as a business card (rather small). A width of 2048 pixels is much better. For previews, we LIKE Flickr! If you don't have a Flickr account, please send us lower resolution versions for preview.

    Terry Lowe & Amy Walker
    Your Ever-lovin' Momentum Eds



    Amy Walker


    MOMENTUM - the Magazine for Self-propelled People

    Suite 214 - 425 Carrall Street

    Vancouver, BC, V6B 6E3


    Bike for a cooler planet!

    MOMENTUM is Distributed FREE in

    New York | Chicago | Minneapolis | Toronto | Ottawa | Montreal | San Francisco

    Portland | Seattle | Vancouver | Victoria | Calgary | Edmonton | Winnipeg

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    Just cyclists with stories

    You don't need to have writing experience, just be a cyclist with a story worth telling and we want to hear from you.
    Let others feel your pain, or joy, or whatever. Don't be shy.

    Ron Richings

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    You didn't mention pay, how much per word? First Serial rights?

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