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    Specialized Sonoma Shoe?


    I am rather new to biking and currently use pedals with toe clips.

    I am currently using Adidas Samba soccer shoes much to the
    horror of the LBS.

    I think I might like to try clipless pedals this coming spring...

    I have been looking around for shoes that might be able to
    be used with toe-clips and SPD pedals.

    I found the Specialized Sonoma Shoe .

    This shoe looks like it might be useful as a dual purpose
    shoe. The bottom looks fairly flat which might ease the
    exit from toe-clips...

    Anyone have any experience with this shoe?



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    I, too, ride with toe clips. Like you I wanted a stiffer, cycling-specific shoe suitable for clips and went with the Sonoma. I've ridden about 3200 miles with them since August and have to say I'm sorry I waited so long. No more sore feet from too-soft soles when doing long rides. Centuries used to kill my feet in tennis shoes; no problem at all now. Mine fit great, are very comfortable, allow me to walk easily, and fit well regardless of whether I have thin socks on or woolies in the cold. Of course they do flow air, so the cold can be an issue. I wore woolies today and put sandwich baggies over my toes in my shoes today for a 30-miler at 30 degrees. Hard to find a general purpose shoe with no mesh, though. I'll buy another pair when these wear out some day.

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    How are these for general wear-ability? I'm looking for something I can wear off-bike for a little while without feeling like my feet are stuffed into sardine-cans.
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    Only panthers007 is stupid enough to believe that this is a good idea.

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