Has anyone else browsing ebay caught this story? I hope the guy makes a little dough off these sales, he seems industrious if not talented with the welder.... Check out one of the contraptions he built using the link at the bottom of this post. Also, the rest of the excerpt of the story below can be found at this link.

For the past six months, DuPont has allowed brothers Vinayak and Pavan Narayana, American-born citizens whose parents live in their native India, to live with him while they tried to reunite with their parents in America or find another suitable home in which to live.

Those efforts officially ended on Sunday, March 14, when the boys boarded a plane for India. DuPont said the ineffective way the state Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) has handled the brothers’ situation shows it “just want(ed) to wash their hands of the whole matter.”

DuPont has known the boys’ father Binganavele Narayana for five years since the two met through a mutual interest in machinery. For three years, the brothers lived with their father in an apartment DuPont owns in Stirling.

The boys left with their father to go back to India just before the end of last June when Mr. Narayana’s mother became very ill. She recovered and Mr. Narayana was set to return to the United States with his sons, but he couldn't get a visa.

The boys returned in September and have stayed with DuPont while attending grades 6-8 Central School – Vinayak and Pavan are in eighth and seventh grade respectively.

Dissatisfied With DYFS

“The options they (DYFS) have given Mr. Narayana are no options,” said DuPont about his displeasure in the way DYFS has handled the brothers’ situation in the month since DuPont contacted the organization. “They’re totally inflexible,” he said.

DuPont said DYFS has told Mr. Narayana in order for his sons to remain in the country they’d have to live in a DYFS group home while the agency looked for a home to take the boys, with no guarantee they’d live together.

DuPont said the homes don't “differentiate” in the types of kids who live together in a group home and could have forced the brothers to live in a place with kids who have a history of drug use and violence. Faced with that option, DuPont said Mr. Naryana thought his sons would be better off in India.