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Originally Posted by Ohio Trekker
"Ascends to soap box*
That's one of the problems with special interest forums. There are only so many parts of a bicycle to talk about, and only so many types of bicycles to discuss. Questions are limited in their scope. It is also inevitable that someone will come in and ask a question that has been answered somewhere, but maybe they don't know how to do a search, some folks are more savy than others, some folks will read FAQs about posting and searching, some folks won't know where to look for FAQs or how to do a search. Sure there is some repetition, but even a topic that has been discussed, can be brought to the top and perhaps some new views and angles will come to light.

There are plenty of bicycle forums out there discussing the exact same things on each and every one of them. What wheels, what bike, aluminum will fail faster than steel, yadda yadda yadda. The difference is the way people interact and whether new comers will feel welcomed or comfortable posting questions without being torched in flames. I for one and I imagine many others participate in this particular forum because of the people who contribute and interact in a manner that makes the place feel comfortable like a pair of well worn jeans.

It's all about dicussion and interaction, some people need more, and some people get bored with the same ol same ol. Some people get tired reading about Mavic this or Trek that but everyone is here to read about something. People are repeatedly asking how to clean their bike, how to clean their drive train, etc. so it seems logical that how to clean your clothes would fall right in line with those questions that are repeatedly addressed, seems as though this was fresh in that it was asking a question that hadn't been asked along the same lines of questions that had.

Think about it, people even ask about changing a flat tire something that is second nature to most of us, but not all. I been changing tires longer than many of these people have been alive. BUT through discussion I have learned some tips to refine my skills. In particular I like someone's suggestion of placing the tire label near the valve stem to help localize the leak.

But those people feel comfortable enough to ask those questions, and that to me is what it's all about. This is a great community of people with like minded interests who aren't elitist (for the most part LOL) driving off newbies by flaming them for not knowing any better.
*descends from soap box*

*insert disclaimer*
SHOKHEAD, please do not consider this to be addressed directly to you or an admonishment of you in any way, it is merely a statement of how I feel about participation in any forum I have chosen to actively participate in.
*end disclaimer*

*return to topic*
I toss my stuff in with the regular laundry. We don't use liquid since it seems to react with the sensitive skin of myself and my kids more than powdered. I figure if the stuff can survive the contact between my derrier and saddle, than it should be able to survive a ride through the washer.
*return thread to general view*
wasn't this repititious? ;-)
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Liguid or powder. I'm speechless,your welcome.
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For technical fabrics..Liquid..Specifically, esclusively...Woolite.
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Let's end all this fighting and compromise on a liquid/powdery gel... mmm... jell-o....
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Originally Posted by slvoid
Let's end all this fighting and compromise on a liquid/powdery gel... mmm... jell-o....
There's always room for Jello....OOPS does that make this a nutritional thread????
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Chris L
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Originally Posted by shokhead
Well i know but its like a B movie,you just cant belive what your seeing and cant stop but come on,liquid or powder.
As I said before, the option not to read it is still there. To be honest, I don't feel any compulsion to watch B movies or read threads that don't interest me, but then maybe I don't have enough free time.

Originally Posted by shokhead
And for my last 2 cents,if some would use search,the posts would'nt be trashed with the same questions day after day and somebody might ask some new fresh question
Bear in mind that this forum has been around since Oct 1999. Some of the info turned up on the search function is over four years old. Consider that, plus the fact that new people are joining the forum all the time, I don't see a problem if somebody wants an additional opinion on a particular issue.
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"We invite everyone to question the entire culture we take for granted." - Manic Street Preachers.
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That same questions are asked weekly so old has nothing to do with it and the search forums would work and they would'nt get repeated half as much as they do and all of that is great for you but i'm giving this as an imo,more or less but i'll try to remember your advice and just say out of some of these,insightful discussion. But ya got to tell me,hard water or soft water?
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I throw all my cycling clothes and gloves (close the velcro straps) in with the regular clothes that are washed in cold water and wash them with powder detergent, then dry them in the dryer.
During the warm summer months I hang my shorts and bibs (turned inside out) outside to dry in the sun.
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Never put cycling cloths in dryer.
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