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    Need help narrowing choices for new hybrid bike...

    I've got four bikes in mind, and need to choose one. I've got a 20+ year old all steel Raleigh 3-speed, which is a great bike in super shape and damn reliable, but now I've got a riding partner and she's got a modern Specialized road bike, so I have a hard time keeping up, just because of the bike.

    I average about 14 mph on my bike, and she does an average 17-18 mph. We're biking on a good path and city streets, about 20-30 miles on an outing. I'll probably ride about 1000 miles this year.

    I want to spend $500 or less, and would be much happier with about $400. My main goal here is to get more speed, and I may get enough from just switching to the aluminum frame and more gears, but any other input is appreciated.

    I really like the feel of my Raleigh, the more upright stance, that's why I'm looking at these hybrids.

    Here's what I've narrowed it down to:

    1. Giant Cypress DX 19" ($359) I like this bike, nice saddle, grip shift, blue/white color is nasty, straight handlebars ok, but the Specialized Crossroads handlebars were much nicer.

    2. Specialized Crossroads Elite (M) ($439) This bike was similar to the Giant, but the saddle is fatter (amazingly, I don't like it, even though it's more like the Raleigh saddle, size wise) and it has click shifters (can't think of right term) that I don't really like. This bike also has some front shocks in the fork and was less jarring than the Giant on bumps, but the difference is minimal. I think this one has angled handlebar ends that were great for comfort, I often get numb palms. Liked the colors, black and khaki. Also has kevlar tires.

    3. Fuji America Sagres - (MSRP $479) have not tried - maybe too much of a road bike for me.

    4. Specialized Sirrus - (MSRP $500) have not tried - also maybe too much of a road bike.

    I really want the Specialized Crossroads with the Giant saddle and Giant grip shifts, and that is what I am leaning towards buying and paying to have them switch the shifts and seat. I am going to try to look at and ride the Fuji this evening as long as it doesn't rain.

    Another important thing for me is that the bike is quiet. I can't stand rattling, squawking, humming, clicking, etc... when riding, so if any bike here is better than the other, that would influence my decision a great deal.

    I also want a reliable bike that's not going to have a lot of problems and breakdowns. I am all thumbs when it comes to maintenance, so I'll be taking it to the shop for service.


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    Without the whole story, I'd check out the Sirrus. It is a versatile bike, fast too!

    My main goal here is to get more speed, and I may get enough from just switching to the aluminum frame and more gears, but any other input is appreciated.
    Your gains over your current ride will be minimal on any suspension bike (heavy) or upright riding bike (wind is you worst enemy over). Test ride the Sirrus! Felt also makes some nice bikes (SR71 comes to mind).

    Hope this helps,


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