I recently purchased a 2008 Giant Yukon at our small town LBS and I really like it (Paid $500 Cdn or ~$400 US). I don't know if I could have gotten a better deal but I know this family run shop will stand behind the bike). Now I know this is not 'serious' Mountain Bike but I am in my 50's and this bike is probably more than I will ever need. I ride street and light trails - ie a 'recreational' rider. Now for my question - my son is 30 something with three young children. He is looking for a bike that he can ride around with his family but also hit some trails with his buddies. Again just recreational trail riding - no jumps or tricks.

As you probably hear 100's of times his budget is limited but he wants something better than a department store bike. Are there any opinions on these two bikes: Ironhorse Senoir Assault FR10 ($350 Cdn) or Reebok Oregon ($330 Cdn). These bikes are at Sportchek (Canada). I know this is not really Bike Shop but they do have a full service shop and full 1 year warrany/tuning. It comes down to something in this price range or nothing at all.