I bought a Schwinn Fracas MTN Bike on a whim yesterday from Meijers in Grandville MI. I loved the styling & light weight, and the price seemed good ($349)... not knowing a lot about bikes in general, I Googled this model and found... pretty much ZILCH.

Is this a new model, and I'm the first kid on the block w/one? Or is this some crazy Chinese plot to spy on me with a sleeper agent bicycle that will activate one day when I least expect it?

Okay, seriously now, has anyone here heard of this model? I have searched these forums and found nothing relating to the Schwinn Fracas. Attached are a couple of pictures... thank you in advance!

/PS: So far I love this bike. I got a lot of riding in today, and she handles my 6'1" 220 LB carcass very well