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    pinch at back of knee

    I'm coming back to cycling after a few years and have been "easing" back slowly with higher cadence and lower effort (for now) .

    On my second ride of the day Friday, I picked up my pace a bit and noticed a pinch at the back of my left knee.. This was after experimenting with seat height (I raised it about 3/4 a centimeter.) I dropped the seat back and rode home about 1 mile slowly and carefully...

    I am planning to schedule a professional bike fitting---(second one) to make sure I'm not far off with cleat alignment, seat height and seat position.

    Sorry for the long post. Is anyone aware of this type of injury? Is it a muscle that just needs rest? Nothing is really hurting at this point, but I do feel the pinch a bit...Just take it easy and wait a bit or can I get on the trainer to work it out?

    Not thinking I need a doctor just yet---but if it doesnt get better in a few more daysa I will go.

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    Pain at the back of the generally means your saddle was too high. Put it back where it was.
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