Thought I'd give anyone interested my take on this new water bottle.

I started using Polar insulated bottles in 2002. Switched to the current style a little over a year ago.
They are very good -- wide neck so it's easy to get ice cubes in, but they have two major drawbacks.
1) They are hard to squeeze when they get cold (from the chilled liquid).
2) They sweat on warm humid days (again from the chilled liquid).

I have been complaining about the Polar bottles so I picked up two Camelbak Chill Jacket bottles yesterday. Took them on my ride today and love them.
1) Wide neck so it's easy to get ice cubes in.
2) They don't sweat even with LOTS of ice and chilled liquid.
3) Easy to squeeze and the liquid shoots out when the bottle is squeezed.
4) Easy open and close. No pulling the tab open with your teeth. Not a good idea for me because a few front teeth have crowns. You know I don't want those coming loose.

The only drawback is they are only 21 oz compared to 24 oz for the Polar. Not a big deal.

On a 1 to 10 scale the Polar gets an 8.5.
The Camelbak gets a 9.6. If it was 24 oz I'd give it a 10.