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    146mm dropout spacing

    I'm going to put a new set of rims on my commuter bike. I also have a nice set of Campy Tipo 126mm hubs. The dropout spacing on my bike is 146mm, is that doable with the Tipo hubs to find an axle set that will fit the Tipo hubs?

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    Remeasure things. The widest industry used dropout rear spacing is 130mm for road bikes and 135mm for MTBs and many commuter frames. Older frames may be narower but not wider. The only bikes withy wider dropout spacing are some tandems. The width is measured across the INSIDE of the dropouts with rear wheel removed. Looks to me like you may have measured outside to outside.

    A steel frame can be cold set to new dimensions, narrower or wider. Not so for CF or Aluminim frames.

    Also the axle is not as strong on the rear freewheel hub you show as on a freehub which takes a casette. If you modify the hub by installing a wider axle and spacers then axle bending is a risk. Freewheels currently available are limited in availability compared to casettes and top out at 7 speeds.

    IMO save those hubs for a classic restoration project where they would be more appropriate.
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