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Old 02-08-02, 07:00 PM   #1
Buddy Hayden
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The CHAT room

Well the chat room has been up and running now for a few weeks , but everytime I go in there it is empty, so I end up having whacky conversations with Ba-Dg-er, which is fun , but it would be cool if more people were to get themselves in there and fill it up with pointless banter, rather than fill up the forums with inane and usually totally off topic hogwash, Is it because you don't get "post" numbers up in there ? , what is it ?? what is the reason ...... :confused:
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Old 02-08-02, 07:23 PM   #2
Gus Riley
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Same here, I have good conversations with Badger, but never see anyone else in there. What the deal?
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Old 02-08-02, 07:25 PM   #3
Dances with Rocks
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I've just never been into the chat room thing. In all the years I've been on the net, I've never been to a chat room. Maybe I'll try this one sometime.
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Old 02-08-02, 07:27 PM   #4
Sumanitu taka owaci
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Quote: would be cool if more people were to get themselves in there and fill it up with pointless banter, rather than fill up the forums with inane and usually totally off topic hogwash...

However you like your SPAM, that's o.k. by me!

No worries
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Old 02-09-02, 02:36 AM   #5
Chris L
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Believe it or not, I actually don't get time. I usually spend a couple of hours (absolute maximum) on my computer in a day. Most of that is spent posting my messages on this forum or reading the messages of others.
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Old 02-09-02, 06:09 AM   #6
Captain Crunch
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When it first started I was in a couple of nights chatting with Joe and Velocipedo but since then I have not found anyone in there when I have returned.

It was fun having conversations when those first nights. Maybe we need to plan certain times and then we could all meet in there and get something started. This may be difficult with all the different time zones we live in, especially with dateline crossing to boot but it might be fun to try. Anyone have any ideas what would be a good day and time.
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Old 02-09-02, 06:24 AM   #7
DnvrFox's Avatar
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I go there and no one is there. It would be great if there was some way to display on the main board that there was someone who wanted to chat in the chat room. After doing this a few times, I simply stop checking the chat room.

I agree about much of the stuff posted on the board. I find myself reading only one or two of the 25 new posts, as most seem to be things in which I personally am not interested, or not cycling related.

Joe - is there anyway to announce to the members currently on the board that you would like to chat in the chat room?
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Old 02-09-02, 09:31 AM   #8
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I go in the room occaisonally, but it takes up tons more time. I'v been busy with school and riding lately, so I don't have the 5-6 hours of computer time I used to have.
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Old 02-09-02, 10:02 AM   #9
Mr. Cellophane
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Alas, my time on the forums is more limited than might appear. I know I show up as online throughout many days, and I pop in periodically to see if there is anything I need to blather on about. However, the connection is in background 98-99% of the time as I am doing other things. So it looks like I'm here, but I'm really not. Even at home I only get to pop in for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. Thank goodness DSL lets me get around a lot during that limited time. Right now I'm supposed to be painting a bathroom while my wife is out running errands so I'd better get back to it.
If it ain't broke, mess with it anyway!
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Old 02-09-02, 10:34 AM   #10
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IRC can be addictive so I saw, and as I'm already addicted enough to the Internet, I want to stop at that...

I get enough satisfaction from chatting about cycling specific topics here and we can always digress to a certain extent or start talking about an off-topic topic right away.
The e-mail messaging (i've got a broadband connection as well) is neat for being able to respond immediately)..

Ivana, who also prefers IRL over IRC..
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