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Thread: Which Lock
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    A common question


    I know there has been thousands of posts on which are the best bike locks but i still haven't been able to identify a lock I need. I have a Boardman Road Comp (RRP 650) and I need a decent lock. I'm not planning to lock it over night but i do need to lock it up during the day. Everyone says that the Kryptonite NY is the best but it is also Expensive. I usually lock my bike to a railing or a lamp post so i need the lock to be large enough to fit around there. I would like it to be relatively light and portable. The maximum I'd be willing to spend is around 40. Lastly small D-locks are said to be hard to break but they are very small so can't be fixed to many things would it be worth using one as a padlock atttached to an extension cable?

    Please help me.


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    There was a very long, detailed and useful discussion about locks on the forum two days ago. A search will find it. It covers all your queries.

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